You may have started a blogging or may have blogged before, but if you think about making a blog to earn money, I think it’s your right decision.

Blogs are making a very profitable part of the website as they make the best money without investment. Although investment necessary for a blog is rarely needed, you can make a big profit.

Well, these wonderful words make sure you get to the right place to ensure your success!

There are many special topics you can make, but many of them are not very specific because they do not produce money.

One of the most important things you need to remember when choosing a niche is to be interested in the topic. So let’s Start…


#1: Travel Blogging:

Do you like to travel? Want to share your travel experiences? Add your own photos, talk about your traveling adventures and show the spot where you have been to. It can bring a completely new experience for the readers from the perspective of the first new person. This is something like that a travel agency cannot offer to its premium customers.

A great example is Kiersten. She started her travel as volunteering and soon became a blogger and followed by half a million people! In her blog, she advises on how to travel by budget and how to make money with blogs. Yes, it is amazing to start your own Travel blog.

You need not wait until you go around the world to start writing about Travel. Also, do not have to start from your own experience. You can choose the best information from Travel forum or Travel community and make it your blog posts. Try to write your own language, don’t copy and paste the same content. Find images from Flickr or any royalty free images website. Also, you can use the same images from forum or community but you may have a copyright risk.


#2: Health & Fitness Tips Blog:

This is one of the profitable blog topics that not depending on what time of year it’s, the Economic condition of your country or culture and society changes.

People become healthier and more aware of their body. Ask someone about their deliberate goals, and you will find one of them is aware to build their body.

Think all the related categories about health and fitness, you will find weight loss tips, Diet tips, Nutrition, Exercise Equipment and many more.

Create a blog that focuses on answering some burning questions and needs everyone in their fitness and health and it will be very popular. After all, people want to pay in order for their fitness. This market is guaranteed to make money on a blog.


#3: Food Lover Blog:

A few years ago, it was one of the most popular online was dieting. However, at present, a healthy lifestyle, especially well eating. So, it is not surprising that Food related blog can create a big online audience. Food is something that anyone can relate to.

There are many successful Housewife food bloggers who make tasty food in their home and post on their blog. If you want to be like them, make sure you have enough money to pay your utility bill. This is a great investment. But if you want to build your blog in the following ways, you will be a successful food blogger. Share your tips, bring new ideas and remember it is most important to make a good relation with your audience. Because now it is the generation of social media, you can get a big audience from it.

So if you are a food & cook lover, this is the easy and perfect topic that can make your online career.


#4: Fashion Blog:

Fashion is the faster market to change. The reality is that people want to look good, that’s why fashion is the industry of billions of dollars and you should think about the topics.

Don’t target your audience is the only female. Both men and women, housewives and businessmen, baby boomers, Millennials are looking for outfit advice and everyone just enjoy looking with fashion.

There is a great opportunity to create a successful blog for everyone who still has a passion for fashion. You can also expand your fashion knowledge on YouTube or social media site like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.


#5: Making Money Online Blog:

That is, the blog will always be the most popular topics. Everyone likes to find shortcuts to earn money and it’s more popular to earn money from online or home. With money comes a more free life. However, if you have a creativity and excellent incentive skills, you can make a “making money blog” and easily earn a big amount.

There are thousands of ways to make money, you can talk a lot about any of them. Even you can provide tips and tricks for business ideas, saving money and many more. Everyone wants to read it first.

You can make an event blog and earn a big amount of money in a short time. Here is my another post about event blogging. Click here for details.

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