You can make a lot of money with event blogging by making very little effort. You can start a #blog from scratch based on the appropriate event and earn $ 1,000 in a few days.
So read this article and follow step 1 to step 7 so that you can see how you actually did it.

What is Event Blogging & Know well About it

A niche-based #blogging event is the target of a special event occurring in a year.

Your blog is designed for a specific place. For example, you can create a blog for festivals such as Christmas, New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Super Bowl. I would like to say that the blog is targeting Christmas only and is a separate blog dedicated to the Super Bowl, similarly.

First of all, you can create an existing event blog and then get heavy traffic on it (in just 1-2 weeks) and finally create $$$ blog criticism properly.

What is special about event-based blogging, you can earn up to $ 2,000 – $ 10,000 (for an event  in just 2 to 3 days )

Apart from this, you have to start your blog with only 40 – 50 days before the event.

So this means that you earn a lot of #money a few days before the incident. Less hard work but high income!

Step 1: Choosing an appropriate event

So let’s start the first step, choose the appropriate program.
Here is a list of different categories that you can choose.
Holidays: New Year, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Diwali, Halloween, Father’s Day, Thanksgiving etc.
Sports: Super Bowl, Cricket, NASCAR, World Cup Football, WWE etc.
Live Events: Golden Globe, Oscar, Concert and more.
A release of special events and films: Black Friday Sales, Movie Release etc.
Visit and you can find all kinds of events specific to your country.
A newbie generally gets confused when choosing an event because there is a lot happening around the world every year.
You have to choose the event you know. ‘Afterwards, you have to create good content for the event you choose.
The second factor that you need to consider is the #keyword. You have to select an event with most searches. You are about to include these keywords in your content.
The third factor is the time you have to select the event according to your experience as a blogger. Experienced bloggers can select events that start in 10-15 days, but the newbie requires more time. We talk more about the dates in the next paragraph.
But so far as the incident is concerned, you have to consider these three factors.
Right time to start your blog
Depending on your experience, you can divide #bloggers on 3 levels. If you are a new blogger with zero experience then you need to start 3-4 months before the event.
But if you have done some blogging and know how to set up a blog with basic SEO knowledge then 45 days will be enough.
If you are an experienced blogger and already working on a website with an old domain, you can start the event only 20 days in advance.
So start with your experience.

Step 2: Let’s start with the search of keywords

Once you have done it with a select event to promote, you need to find a complete keyword search for your blog. Keyword search is the basic building block for any search engine (landing page).

You should choose keywords in your blog that can give you the most traffic and can help your site rank in a short period. So you’ll collect #keywords with several monthly searches.

The most effective free tool you can use is Google Keyword Planner, you can also use other tools such as Keyword Tool, Long-Tail Pro, etc.

There you can write keywords like “Halloween”, “Christmas” or “New Year” etc. The results will appear with hundreds of keywords of people searching on Google.


You’ll need to copy all keywords with a maximum of 2 million monthly searches and a minimum of 100,000.


Classification of the list according to the competition will be high monthly search and less competition in the ideal keyword


Targeting long-tail #keywords is always the best way to target one of your main goals that have a lot of monthly search.

At the same time, you will also use all other similar keywords related to the same event so that you can get more traffic.

Let’s take an example of Valentine’s Day.

If you are looking for #Google-keyword-Planner for this keyword in the United States, you will get the following results –

Valentine’s Day searches between 1 million, so this is your main goal. But there are several other long tail keywords that you can target.

  • Valentine’s Day Ideas – 10,000 to 100,000 Search
  • Valentine’s Day Gifts – 10,000 to 100,000 Search
  • Happy Valentine’s Day – 1 million search for 100
  • Valentine’s Day 2016 – 1 million search for 100 (current year 2016 is required to change)
  • Valentine’s Day Quotes – 10,000 to 100,000 Search
  • Valentine’s Day Photo – 10,000 to 100,000 Search

Similar keywords that have more than 10,000 process monthly searches, but during this event most of these keywords have been searched only because you visit, these keywords during your event number during your site in Google order Many of the gigs that you can get can leave.

There is less competition in most of the keywords given above, so you do not have to work harder against #SEO.

Step 3: Choose the right domain name and set the blog

In step 3, you will bookmark a domain name under the keyword.
You can use GoDaddy for a new domain name search. Type the keyword in the search bar and search for the available domain still.
Someone else frequently takes you the domain name you are looking for
You can make a difference without changing keywords and search from other domains.
For example, if your keyword is “Halloween Dresses 2018”, you can go to #Halloween-Dress-For-2018.
But not try to add new words to your keywords. If .com is not available, you can also try the .info, .us, .biz  etc. if you are able to keep your keywords the same.
So you buy a domain name.
You can also use free hosting from to host or try to host WordPress.
Most people use to host from Blogger. You can check this video to add Blogger Hosting to GODADDY to your favorite domain name. It is very simple.

Step 4: Create Good Content in a short Time

The fourth step is to make good content, usually bloggers do not take content seriously because they more attention on SEO. You can not replace good content with search engine optimization. Or in other words you can say that good content means effective SEO.
How Much Content do you have to Create?
If your one post 2500-3000 words are longer, you can update 10-15 posts weekly, but if your post is only 500-600 words you will have to update 50+ posts every single day .
When creating content, you must target all keywords (including main keywords) in different positions. These titles and subtitles will contain keywords.
Use 3 to 4 keywords for every 1,000 words. On the page in your hand, you should give the SEO 100% on the page.
Use and Improve Images Quality
Original or free copyright images from the web should be used for your post, the name of the image should be your keyword and you should use your keyword in the alt tag.
A word before starting SEO
So now you read very simple stuff but the real article starts here.
About the Event Based Blogging SEO
You will be surprised to find out here that you have to work with Black Hat style which is against Google’s guidelines.
So before you read more about the ON page SEO and the OFF page SEO , you should remember that there is a very good line between the right SEO techniques and the black hat SEO tricks.

For event-based blogs, you have to do SEO in a way that Google does not slaps your page, but at the same time you will do some black hats without getting a noticed from Google.


Step 5:  ON Page  Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

On Page SEO you have to do very basic things. The On Page #SEO will be about the content and  the HTML code.


Most ON Page SEO are included in step 4 when creating content
Page headline
The title of each page will include the keywords of the blog of the event. If the main keyword is “Halloween Party Costumes 2018”, then the page title should be exactly the same.
If you want you can make some changes then you can change but remember about your Keywords.
Body Tags
Your article should have at least three sub-titles or sub-tags like H1, H2, and H3.
The H1 tag is the title of your home page and should include your main keyword with some variations. Similarly, searching for keywords for the H2 and H3 tags, other important keywords you’ve created while research.
Keywords should be preferred, should be keywords in H1 and other keywords in H2, H3, H4
Keyword Density
Your keywords for a particular place must be scattered throughout the content.
For the keyword density of the blog post, the #keyword should be 1 keyword per 300 words. So 1000 words long article contains only 3 to 4 keywords.
Use other keywords for the rest of the article. Do not overuse keywords
Images for alt text and description using all relevant keywords are great for SEO
Meta Description
Use all relevant keywords, including keywords, go to source code and descriptive details. All selected keywords must be 160 characters long.
Meta Title
For each web page you can include keywords in the title meta format. Try to include as many keywords as possible in the meta tag, you can type up to 70 characters.
Internal linking
Do not ignore the internal links of web pages. It is  easy that Google’s crawler can crawl your website.
An internal link increases the order of Google page for the website, these two main interaction structures are content links and permanent navigation links.
Insert a link inside your article and redirect them to other relevant pages of your blog. Carefully create your site by adding related pages to each other.
You can organize all the URL addresses of your site correctly, for example, is better then .com/120/124/keyword.
Include relevant keywords for the URL address for each blog post. Please shorten the URL.

Step 6: OFF Page SEO

Step 6 Everything is really about  OFF Page SEO (Link Building). It does not really matter, if you have not read the previous steps. The most important thing is step 6 and this is the essence of event based niche blogging.
Although I do not recommend blackhat SEO, most people have made money through blogging, which use this technique in blogging so that Google rankings their site.
Your website may be penalized by Google, but it is a matter of concern that if you do not intend to use this site after the event, then there are many possibilities.
You need to make a large number of backlinks in a while so that you can get a quick ranking in Google. Here are some ways to create the most used links with ways to make them fast.
If you create a PBN number of 50 blogs, you will be able to successfully sort your event blogs.
Here is the best way to make your own PBN and some tricks, which you can use to make it effective. searches for domains that ended with high quality da and backlinks. Ensure that the domain has not been punished by checking its archive history.
All domains that you have purchased should be hosted on different IPs. There are many hosting companies offering to host $ 5- $10 per month. Otherwise you can go to PBN hosting from several companies
Publish 400-1000 unique word articles in 5-10 days on each blog.
I want to be intense here! What is spam, you have to spam backlinks Search for automatically approved blogs and invoices for your niche and spam them.
This event must start at least 20-30 days before because it takes time to index your comment backlinks by Google.
You can also invest in instruments such as Scrapebox that can help you publish thousands of comments on thousands of different blogs. And if you do not have many budgets, then you can buy a gig on Fiverr.
The third way is to provide the directory. You must find good directory to submit your blog and know that it is a bit difficult. You can automate this process to find the event code and submit it to hundreds of directories.
If you want to move one more step forward, you can maximize your SEO efforts by submitting articles with a link to your article submission sites.
There are many SEO tools like SeNukeXcr, XRummer etc. which will help publish articles on articles directories  and also index these submissions.

Step 7: Monetizing Your Blog

The final step is to monetize your blog using contextual or affiliate marketing ads. Google AdSense is the best for contextual ads. For Affiliate Marketing, you can promote the product that is closely related niche of your blog.
For the first time, I would suggest using Google AdSense for high clickthrough rates (CTR), ads should be kept in good standing and used to maximize AdSense income.
If you follow step 1 through step 7, you can easily do $1000- $ 5000 in 4 to 5 days.
After successfully managing with an event based blog, you can rinse and repeat. Make more events and try to create more and more blogs.