How to Become Rich: 10 Proven + 10 Not Recommended Ways to Get Rich

How to Become Rich: 10 Proven + 10 Not Recommended Ways to Get Rich

Like everyone else, you also want to be rich. But you do not have any clear estimation about getting rich quick and fast. You have already seen many “#rich-plans” on the internet but have not worked on any of them.


  • So do you have a limit?
  • Is there any magic that you will get rich?
  • Bad luck prevents you from becoming rich?
It’s not like that.
There is only one thing that needs to be rich and this is your strong #desire.
So, if you have a burning desire, then I can show you some proven ways to enrich you. There are nine solid ways to become prosperous and most people in this world, which make use of one of these become rich.
  • Those who are born rich – it is beyond your control
  • People use an illegal method – we will discuss some of these methods but will  not recommend any of these.


13 Proven Ways to Become Rich

Here I am going to show you the most proven methods to be rich. Remember, there are no #shortcuts-to-success, so to make a lot of #money, you should work smart and hard with a strong desire.
So Here You Find The Ways –

1. Internet Marketing

This is one of my favorite ways to become rich. If people ask me the best way to become just another rich, then I only suggest internet marketing. Millions of people around the world have #become-rich through online #marketing in the past 15 years.
There is no better time to use #online-marketing for a smart and solid operator, so that it can be enriched. There are several ways presented below –
1) Make money online programs
There are many ways to #make-money-online. You can find all these methods here.
2) Sell Your Product
This is another way and I would recommend to get rich quickly, either you can create your website to sell your product or become a vendor on sites like Amazon, eBay etc. and sell your product.
3) Blogging and Affiliate Marketing
Blogging is one of the most recommended ways to become rich. You just create a blog, write experiences, opinions, thoughts and share them with the world.
Then promote it through digital #marketing-techniques, gain traffic and earn a lot of money. You can earn either by putting AdSense ads on your blog or promoting affiliate programs.

2. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire TV Show:

Who wants to be millionaires?” In the United States, there are a large scale of $1 million in making just 1 hour. Home is your luck here Another important factor is your knowledge.
Hundreds of people earn large amounts of these programs every month. Many of them have earned one million dollars on their intelligence.

3. Stock Market

What is the best option for people with financial knowledge? However, higher returns in the equity market are highly risky. You have the ability to become #millionaires or insolvent overnight in the stocks.
So safe and within the boundaries, your knowledge of the market plays an important role in making big money in the stock market business.
So if you have a lot of knowledge, there are some basic rules for the stock market that you need. To make big money in the #stock-market (regularly updated through regular blogs or news channels such as CNBC, Bloomberg etc.)

4. Discover a New Idea

There is no second opinion in philosophy: “An Idea can change your life.” Here I am not talking about an idea to make money, but there is an idea to solve some problems in your life.
Some ideas that enrich people –
You can also think of new ideas in your city, state or country. On some ideas you can work:
  • Toys on the Rental Business
  • Breakfast service
  • Food truck
  • Virtual Assistant Services
  • Cost Cutting Services
  • or Your New Idea ….

5. Make YouTube Video Viral

Watching the video has become a growing trend on the Internet if you have unique and viral content, you want to share with people, you can upload it to YouTube. You can earn at least $1 per 1000 views.

If you make a channel and make a #high-quality-video on a regular basis, there are many possibilities to be rich.
If your channel gets famous then you can earn millions by joining the YouTube Partner Program. You may Follow my another post How To Make Money on YouTube.

You can find some YouTube video ideas here and check out some top YouTube managers who are earning millions of dollars every month.




There are many legal methods of #gambling and betting that you can use to become rich. You can find many online gambling sites, Casinos or even purchase lottery tickets.
But there is a common opportunity to lose your money. If you can afford this risk then this is the best way to make money.

7. Work Hard on Your Passion

Everyone in this world comes with some #passion. Do not let this waste. work hard with your passion, when it is discussed, people will know your name.
  • You remember, when you talk about football matches: – Ronaldo or Messi.
  • You remember, when you talk about movies: – Brad Pitt
  • Remember, when you talk about it that’s best PAAN: – Muchhad Paanwala…?
  • Who do you think, when you speak cricket – Sachin or …?

There are thousands of such examples.
If you have a passion for photography, you can #become-a-photographer, you can try your best in the field of education, in a passion study. You have passion for the game, you can become a great player. You have a passion for music, you can be a singer, or many more.

8. Marry a Rich Girl / Boy

Bill Gates says: “It is not your fault that you are born poor, but it is definitely your fault if you remain poor:” What can be found by marrying a wealthy girl, / boy. If you can marry a rich girl or a boy, you can make yourself a rich person.
There are so many ideas on the internet that will give you a secret to attracting a girl. If you follow this idea then follow the real heart and do not try to cheat anyone.

9. Do some Inventions and Earn Royalties

You can also think about patenting your product and searching for some things and earning royalties. If anyone wants to use your patent product, he / she will pay what is known as the license fee. This business can be profitable because you can make millions of benefits.
Bayer sells cancer medicine Nexavar and earns millions every month through patent drugs.

10. Lottery

This is one of the easiest ways to make money with a little investment. Anyone can play online lottery to make money in their spare time and can soon become rich. Lottery is very popular for playing online billiards, online sites like Playwin or Lotto lottery.


Not Recommended Ways to Get Rich Fast

The other ways to be rich are to make money though unlawfully, they earn more money than many beneficial companies. But none of these methods are recommended as they are against the law.

1) Card Hacks

The Carding is doing business in bank accounts, credit / debit cards to extract money through fraudulent activities. Credit card usage has increased significantly in order to pay bills and online shopping. You can steal credit card information or bank details information and use them to buy gorgeous and luxurious products in the name of the account holder. Please don’t do this.

2) Illegal Trade

There are so many dark web platforms / merchants who sell restricted items or products. If you can trade an illegal item, you can buy it in the cheap and sell it to others. Please don’t do this.

3) Webcam Model

Although this is the highway to get rich but it can spoil your image in the community. You need to become a member of a web cam website. If you want to be rich then look quickly for customers from Western countries, who can pay you in dollars to see your live footage.

4) Start Escort Service

An escort can bring thousands of dollars on a monthly to start and run the service. Someone needs to contact the Top model and look for the customers who are willing to spend huge amounts on them.

Earn your commission on each customer carrying your escort service. This is one of the most important tasks where you can become rich overnight.

5) Fake Scheme

Ponzi scheme is a fraudulent service that promotes high returns on investment for investors. You can make a Ponzi plan and hold the interest of investors who are ready to invest in your system / business.

More people will invest, big profits, you can continue to pay to your old investor till you have money. When the flow is over, you can close the system and be underground.

6) Cyber Crime to Steal Money

One of the increasing methods due to the increase in the number of internet users, money is stealing online or selling important information through theft. Those who understand technology and hacking skills, can become rich by hacking someone’s account or stealing data from huge corporations and selling them to millions of rivals.

Anyone should also understand that there is a significant risk involved and can be imprisoned for many years under the Cyber ​​Crime Act.

7) Drug Dealer

This income generating business can be high for you because the number of people taking the medication can increase sharply. Look for a drug dealer to buy drugs and sell them to the buyer.

Once your name becomes synonymous with the drug user, druggie’s will start contacting you. You can become rich by tackling and selling drugs with high demand. You should remember that this is a high risk business and if you are caught you may be in jail for many years.

8) Gold Smuggling

Due to gold smuggling, you can bring high income because the demand for gold at national and international levels is one of the more precious metals. You can become a gold smuggler by providing large quantities of gold through the hidden routes in different countries.

One can become rich because buyers are ready to sleep for millions of dollars. You can calculate a commission that you can earn from gold smuggling.

9) Illegal Wildlife Trade

Wildlife smuggling is also a method where you can earn big money by selling rare animal species and become rich. Rare animal species like India Pangolin, Bengal Tiger, owls are always in demand.

You can see national buyers as well as internationally for buyers and can quote a huge amount and earn thousands of dollars.

It should be remembered that illegal trade in wildlife is the fourth largest crime in the world, causing the destruction of wildlife.

10) Illegal Money Transfers

Illegal transfer of money, also called Hawala, is a widely used money transfer system in Arab countries and parts of the world. The broker has to ensure secure transfer of money.

About an amount of  $700 million has been transferred illegally in the year. If you become a Hawala broker, you can easily become rich.

So with any thought you want to go to become Rich. If you are already rich, then tell your story by how did you become rich.


15 Awesome Ways Of Making Money Online Without Investment

15 Awesome Ways Of Making Money Online Without Investment

Did you know that you can earn money online? Are you looking for ways that you can become an online entrepreneur? Yes, you can actually make money by doing your homework.


 We have some or other #skills. we can earn to use those skills. Do you often hear a question like “How to earn money online”? Some people want to work in their spare time and earn some extra money. It is good if you are willing to do extra work, but if you are trying your best, then you have to pay for it. Because of the lack of accurate information about making money online, some people even get stuck in tricks, then you should know the right and legitimate ways to make money online. There are many articles on the Internet that describe the way to make money. But if these methods are not valid, then it is useless. So you need the right information to get started. I have done a lot of research to write this article, so that you can earn money online by following this article.


1. Earn Money From Blog

For many people, blogging is a way of expressing a hobby or their thoughts. However, it is also possible to monetize your blog.
In fact, there are many bloggers who earn a lot of money from blogs. According to Forbes, Huffington Post’s top blog earns $ 14 million a month.
Of course, blogging does not give you easy money, each blogger does not earn $ 14 million.
You should have sufficient knowledge about #SEO to write quality articles and make good money on it.
Besides, with blogging, you should be very patient. You can not start earning from the first day before you can take a few months to make your first dollar But, once you become popular and start your blog, you can earn enough money to earn a living.
To start a blog, all you need is a good topic that is popular among the audience. Needless to say, you should be an expert on the topic so that you can write regular articles on this topic.
You can also make rope with your friends and create a blog with many topics, in which each friend specializes in a special place.
Choosing the wrong blog theme is one of the reasons that new bloggers fail to earn money. So be sure to spend a lot of time searching for the right place for your blog.
The main advantage of blogging is that you can start with an independent blog in Blogger or you can make a minimum investment with a self-hosted WordPress blog.
However, starting a free blog in Blogger is not advisable because SEO is very difficult to manage for itself.
It does not cost much to launch the WordPress blog. I started my first blog just to be accurate for $ 12.18
After I have used this money to buy web hosting with free domain names from #Godaddy after you install #Wordpress with free themes from WordPress repositories.
To increase the functionality of WordPress, I have installed WordPress plugins for free. That is, my blog was ready to make money. You can earn money using blogging through any of the following monetization methods
  1. Display ads from Google #Adsense or other ad networks You get paid for each ad impression (CPC) or per ad click (cost-per-click).
  2. Affiliate marketing, where the company’s products/services are promoted. Whenever a person uses your link to purchase the product/service, then the company pays you a commission for yourself.
  3. Paid articles.
  4. Sell advertising space on your blog.


2. Get Paid From Online Survey

In this business, you need to give your opinion on various products. There are some specific options, you only have to choose one. There are many companies who want to review the audience. So some surveys have been published on some sites. Those sites have bridged the gap between companies and people, then you need to subscribe to those sites, these sites will provide you with a survey. By filling out these surveys, you get your money. Based on company requirements, the survey takes between 5 minutes and 10 minutes. Depending on the size and your profile, you can get $1 to $10.

popular websites for online surveys: Toluna, Vivatic, and Mysurvey.


3. Earn From Captcha Solver

This is a low paid job, but it is the easiest way to make money. In this way, you need to log in to your admin panel, read an image then type it one of the main requirements of the job. It depends on your typing speed. If your typing speed is 30-40 wpm, then you can do better than others, you can earn $ 2 to 1000 #Captcha.
Popular Captcha Solver Websites:  2Captcha, MegaTypers, and CaptchaTypers.

4. Earn From GPT Sites:

If you need more money then you should try #GPT-sites. GPT sites are paid on websites, in these sites, you need to do some work. It can be anything like playing action games, filling surveys, playing videos, etc. Many GPT sites are available on the internet. You need to have Paypal account for cash withdrawal.

Some Popular GPT sites: InboxDollars and CachCrate.

5. Earn From Youtube Channel

Youtube video can be viewed and uploaded, but do you know that you also have the ability to make money from #YouTube videos?
Yes, it is very possible.
However, for the #monetization of YouTube videos, copyright should be free. So you need to make your own video.
Like blogs, YouTube has huge potential for profit. There are many YouTube users who earn millions of dollars.
If you can make good videos that can be fast, YouTube will be your best choice.
There are many ways to monetize YouTube videos, however, most YouTube users use the YouTube Partner Program, where you can earn money by displaying advertisements to viewers. You can also review and pay through affiliate marketing.

6. Earn From Selling Online / Affiliate Marketing:

You can sell your products online. You need to become a vendor on popular portals like eBay, Amazon, Flipkart or SnapDeal. You need to contact the buyer for sale. When you sell your products from these companies, these companies will pay you. You need to find products that have high demand and low cost. It’s easier than you think. You only have to try once.
Affiliate Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

7. Earn From Freelancer Site:

You want to write, graphics or  #web-site-design. You can work as a freelancer with small or large companies and earn money. You can do work such as data entry, data analysis, graphic design, web design or #SEO for these companies. This company will pay you according to your skills. The main advantage of this kind of job is that you can work with a company which is located in any country. You just need to have an internet connection and some useful skills. The freelancer sites that fill the gap between the freelancer and the customer. The most popular site like Upwork, Freelancer, and PayPerHour are many customers available who are looking for freelance so you can signup to these sites and start earning money online.

8. Sell Your Skill on Fiverr

Fiverr market where the seller offers some skills and pays the customer for those skills. This is a great platform for making money online. First of all, you have to check Before starting you need to do some research. You can check the gigs available on #Fiverr so you can start your gig. If someone wants to buy your gig, you will get $ 5. You can provide your services in the package. If someone wants a fast delivery, you can ship them more.

9. Sell Online Tutorial

If you are a professional teacher or have a good knowledge of a subject, then you can earn money through online teaching.

There are many websites where you can register to teach online, among them are the Tutor and Chalk street.

If you do not want to learn to live and want to monitor the time of your work, then Udemy is perfect for you. In Udemy, you can sell your #online-course for a big amount.

10. Earn From Selling Photographs:

If you like #photography and you can click on some good pictures with your camera, then you have another reason to click on more pictures. It is possible for you to make money by selling your photos online.

There are several stock image sites where you can submit your own photos.

Popular website: Shutterstock & Fotolia

11. Earn from Selling Design:

If you are a designer and want to sell your products online, print on demand (PoD) sites will be the perfect solution for making your #online-money.

After registering with these sites, you can create an online store to showcase your products.

After your shop is built, you can start making products like T-shirts, handbags, clothes etc. by using the online tool provided by the site and add them to our online store.

When someone purchases a product designed for you, the site will print out your design on the product and deliver it to the customer. You get paid to pay for your design.

The best thing about printing sites on demand is that you do not have to buy inventory or buy machines for printing.

Additionally, the #marketing portion is done by the site. So you can focus on creating a complete design.

Another advantage is that if you can not sell anything, then you have nothing to lose. These sites are free to register.

Popular Site: CafePress & Zazzle.

12. Social Media Marketing:

Most people join social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, or express themselves or just kill time. However, over the past decade, social media has emerged as one of the best advertising platforms.

You’ve probably seen sponsored advertising on #Twitter #Facebook. The reason for this is that social media ads are not cheap compared to other ad formats, but you can also help in targeting the right audience.

However, the traditional way of displaying ads and sponsored comments is relatively expensive for brands. Therefore, many people rent freelancers to present their products and services to the market on social media.

So if you have a Twitter account or an Instagram account or have a Facebook page with a good number of active followers, you can register for free with sites like BlogMint.

Once you become a member, you can check and apply the various social media campaigns created by the brand. You can quote from sharing fees from Twitter or Facebook, whose number of followers you have.

13. Earn Money from Selling Website:

Along with writing content, web design is required for an hour as well an increase in the number of blogs and other #business-websites.

You can sell your services on different sites Some very talented web designers earn 50 dollars per hour in freelance sites.

And if you are able to create WordPress themes, then it becomes easier for you to make money.

You can create themes and then sell them on the market for WordPress theme on ThemeForest. Alternatively, you can create a website and promote your subject.

Demand for #Wordpress themes is very high, people are ready to pay $ 50 to $ 100 for a topic. Each topic can be sold multiple times. So you can visualize the scope of web design.

14. Earn From Domain Trader:

It is a high profit job that you can do online, you need some investment before you have a chance to make huge profits from this type of business. You can choose any of your preferred domain names like Godaddy, BlueHost or any other Can register with the domain registrar. You have to choose a domain name that will give you more profits in the future. If you buy a domain name, in the future, if anyone requires this domain name, you can sell it at a higher cost. There are many companies that do not find the right domain name of their choice. At that time, they can contact you just to think about some good domain names and register them.

15. Earn from SEO:

Search engine optimization (SEO) is another way to make money online, which is directly related to blogging.

With the growing number of blogs, Google has a very big competition to reach the front page of Google, through a variety of technologies, bloggers and businesses can help achieve it.

To make money as an #SEO, you can either directly contact bloggers and businesses or offer your own website SEO services or work with freelance sites where people can take your services.

Some Advice:

There are several options for making your online money, however, it is very important for you to choose the right option that you are interested in it, without interest, you can start losing interest soon and are finally giving it.

I hope my article is very helpful. If you have any questions, please let us know in the feedback form below.

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