Many new bloggers think that there is no way without Adsense to monetize their blog. If they face the rejection of Adsense, they will be disappointed. For this reason, many can stop blogging.

There are many online Ads networks on the Internet, but only a few are good. If you are trying to get an Adsense Approval, or if you have already rejected, you can try those Ads networks for best Adsense alternative.

So now I will share some best Adsense alternative that you can use to make money on your blog.




If you are looking for the best similar Adsense alternative, is the best choice. is the Adsense of Yahoo and Bing. is a leading technology organization that develops digital advertising for advertisers & publishers. is Second biggest Ads Network all over the world. The Network has more than 700 employees in New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, Dubai, Zurich, and Bangalore.

This is the best alternative for Google Adsense and it works in a similar way. Approval is also very fast because it takes 2 days of average approval time.

Minimum Payout: $100


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2. Infolinks




One of the most popular Ads networks in the world and helps more than 200,000 online publishers monetize advertising in 128 countries. Your FREE native ads will work perfectly with all advertising solutions and will not affect your user’s experience. Effective contextual and video advertising Infolinks highly customizable products will help you to get the high traffic.

Infolinks shows ads that match your site’s contents. Infolinks converts some keywords in your site’s content into ad links and pays for each click on those ads.

For this reason, more clicks mean more revenue for you over the Infolinks network. There was a 70 percent revenue share for publishers, which is pretty good. They will pay through Paypal, Check, Bank Transfer, ACH etc.

Minimum Payout: $50 (PayPal, eCheck, ACH and Payoneer) and $100 (Bank Wire Transfer)


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3. Chitika:




Chitika is one of the popular Ads Network that based on CPC. Chitika shows relevant ads that match the content of your website, and while you work with them as publishers, you can customize your ads to get maximum clicks from your ads. You can safely run Chitika ads on your website with AdSense ads.

Minimum Payout:  $10 (PayPal) and $50 (Check)


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4. PopAds:




PopAds is a specialized performance network in Pop Unders. They give good rates to all countries. It’s great about PopAds is that you can pay on a daily basis for as long as you earn $5 or more per day. The qualities are good and have pop-ups, pop-under, and others. Your approval is easy and it takes only a few minutes to create your ads.

Minimum Payout: $5


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5. Revenue Hits:




The best AdSense alternative in the blogosphere is Revenue Hits. This is a performance-based advertising network that helps you monetize with an Action-Based (CPA) system.

Revenue Hits has a large inventory of impressive text ads and display ads that support performance-based bids. This AdSense alternative, which offers such proven ads that helps you to improve your earning.

Minimum Payout: $50


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6. BidVertiser:




You will get for every visitor who clicks on an ad and you’ll earn extra revenue if click-through conversion. Their purpose is to allow your advertisers to bid on your ad space and earn as much as you can from your ad space.

BidVertiser will always show your site the highest bidder and will get the highest possible income at any time.

BidVertiser offers a simple pointing and clicking tool to help you customize the placement of your ads to match the look of your site to maintain the high quality of your website.

Minimum Payout: 10$


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7. Amazon Native Shopping Ads:


Amazon Native Shopping Ads


This is the world’s largest online store, so it must be doing something good. Amazon partners can work for you if you have a website that talks any product you can find. It allows you to place dynamic image ads in your blog, so you can promote them, and you get a small commission for everything you sell on links, not a Pay Per Click or CPM program.

Minimum Payout:  $10 (Card/Gift Certificate) or $100 (Payoneer/Check)​


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8. PropellerAds:




Propeller Ads is one of the largest pop-under Ads networks. They started their journey in 2011 and quickly switched to one of the largest networks with large CPMs. Entertainment, videos/movies, games, dating, finance, software, gambling and more: They specialize who monetize their websites for the following niches. If you have one of these sites, you can earn more money with Propeller Ads than the Adsense. They also have banners, but the pop-under works are better. Also, if you’re attracting mobile traffic, it’s a great AdSense alternative; they provide great ROIs and large CPMs.

Minimum Payout: $50 (PayPal), $100 (Payoneer) and $500 (Wire Transfer)​


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9. Yllix:


Yllix Media


Yllix is an Ads Network with a good CPM and plenty of money-making options. The main pages may seem simple, but the dashboard is perfect and it’s easy to start. Yllix has pop-under, mobile ads, sliders, layered ads, and full-page advertising ads, so you can make a good CTR and earn money. There is a good alternative for starting and approval is easy.

Minimum Payout: $1 (PayPal & Payza) and $100 (Bank Wire)


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10. AdMaven:




Advertisement Maven is a great advertising network that is popular in pop-up and pop-under ads. I think you’ve noticed a lot of pop-up ads all over the web. As a publisher, you can monetize your blog or website.

Ad Maven uses the most advanced technology to get you the best results for tracking and optimizing your website’s ad functionality.

To monetize your site using the AdMaven platform, you can reach the best advertisers with a wide variety of Ads.

Minimum Payout: $50


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