What Is An SEO Audit:

The SEO audit is a depth analysis of the health status of the websites owned by a particular website.

The SEO audit will review the website from a checklist and submit recommendations on what should be fixed and what should be modified to improve the performance of the site in the search engines.

Running an SEO audit you can discover your issues and you will get a ton of ideas for boosting your website for search engine traffic.


What Do You Expect From An SEO Audit?

  1. Description of your website’s current status, An detailed analysis of how it performs your site, social network, internal/external links, and much-related information on your website’s status.

2. A list of actions based on the SEO optimization checklist with an explanation of each item in the list.

3. The report describes a complete online marketing strategy to use all available resources for online traffic and opportunities.


The Importance of SEO Audit For Your website on a Regular Basis:

Things are changing very quickly in the search engine industry and what works today may not work in 6 months from now.

Regular SEO checks (at least twice a year) are required to make sure your website is up to date.


On Page SEO Checklist:


This is the most important part of the SEO audit reference for search engines. In fact, many audits only cover this part, but our approach, as described above, is also to check other areas.

To verify that your site is optimized for search engines, You need to follow the factors:


1. Choose Your Title and Description:

It is one of the important parts of On-page SEO. Title and description must be the unique for each page with the specified size. Do you know the title page discribe what the page about and the description works as an advertisement page?


2. Choose Your Best URL Structure:

You should choose the unique URL for each page with a specified format.

For Example:

Bad Format URL: http:// www.abcd.com/123/badurlformat/321.

Good Format URL: http:// www.abcd/best-format-url
or http:// www.abcd/seo/best-format-url


3. Text Format:

You should use a user-friendly text format. Don’t use just plain text in your Paragraph. Use H1 format for the main title of your post, Use H2 format for the main headings and use italics & bold for important text.


4. Unique Content:

This is the most important part of choosing your post content. Don’t copy content from another website or if your own writing content is as same as another website please modify your content and re-index those post. You can check your duplicate content by using Copyscape website.

You also need a minimum content length. The minimum content length must be more than 300 words.


5. Internal Links:

Using internal link is useful for search engine and also for the user. The user can easily go to your another related post by using internal links.

You need 2 – 10 internal link per post for good SEO performance.


6. Choosing Images:

Images are a very important part of a post but you need to choose a perfect image for each post. It makes a web page easier to read and look attractive on social media pages.

You need to check 4 things before upload it to your site:

Don’t use copy images from another website. You can use royalty free images from the various website.

Remane your image file name according to your post title. You can use keyword but do not overdo.

You need to use ALT tag for each and every image.

Optimize your image size. it takes more time to load your web page.


Broken Links Check:

The Broken link is bad for SEO performance and also bad for user experience. You need to check it regularly. You can check it by 2 ways.

1. Using Xenu tools.
2. By Checking Crawl errors report on Google webmaster tool.


Website Structure:

It is very important to make your website responsive and user-friendly.

Use a clear content structure with categories that user can use it easily.

Use Contact Us, About Us, Privacy Policy, Terms of Use on your website header or footer.


Social Media Checklist:

It is more important that use social media for your website. Share your link on your social media pages, it is also important as well as SEO. It is a factor that can develop your efforts to have a properly optimized your site.

To make living online, you must recognize between traffic and sources of income but don’t depend on a single social media site. You need to use all popular social media site like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Reddit etc.

I think now you may wonder, What is Social Media related SEO.

Social media related SEO optimized your website directly and indirectly which is making more real links for direct visits.


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