Anyone can make money from YouTube but it’s not easy for everyone. you must have some talent. Only talented people can make money from YouTube. I think everyone has some talent. if you think you have some talent that you can earn from this program then read the article carefully.


What Is The YouTube Partner Program?

It is a program that you can earn from your video by uploading. It’s very simple.

Google allow monetization your videos with some non-YouTube networks. They show some ads to your audience for that you can earn money from the non-YouTube networks. If you have a large audience then you can earn more.

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How Your Casual Video Can Earn Money

It is very simple and an opportunity from google for online earning. you can create any type of video and upload your YouTube channel for earn money but remember your video must have some information and quality full then you can get a large number of audience. 

Without the audience, you can’t earn. But once you get a big audience and response then you can easily start earning from YouTube. 

Remember YouTube is a large platform so if you work hard and can make useful videos then you are successful in this program but if you lose never give up. Try to improve your Video quality. So you can’t earn money from casual videos.

How to Join the YouTube Partner Program

Joining the Youtube partner program is not difficult. Just go to your YouTube account settings then go to Monetization Tab and enable Monetization then follow the steps. You have to create an Adsense account by the steps.

Adsense is another product of Google. It is an account just like your bank account where your income will store. When you enable your monetization and showing ads on your video then your earning and Ads showing information will store in Adsense account.

But remember you need 10,000 views all over your videos to enable Monetization Button.

Now if your channel enables for Monetization then you need to enable all your videos for Monetization by following these steps:

Go to your channel settings then click ‘Edit’ and enable “$” button.  

  1. If it enables with the green color that means your video is perfect for ads showing.
  2. If it enables with the yellow color – some ads will show on your video that means your video is not perfect for good earning.
  3. If it enables with the Red color that means your video is not perfect or there are some reasons, I will discuss it another paragraph.


How To Create Professional Looks Videos:

For creating a professional video you need some tools. Let’s discuss those tools:

  1. A High-Quality Camera.
  2. External Microphone for good sound quality.
  3. Perfect Place for making Video.
  4. Better shooting techniques.
  5. Camera stand or Tripod.
  6. and the last one is a good quality video Editing Software.

Also You need a Logo for your channel but remember don’t copy others logo or Google search images Logo. There are many website like Free Logo Design or Free Logo Maker or many more, you can search google for others website for logo making. Use the logo on your all videos when you edit the video.

And you need a Channel Art / Channel Cover Photo. you also make it from many websites or make it on Photoshop software.

Can You Make Money From Copied Videos?

Well, you should know that you can not make money with any type of content copied. The content you create must be original and there is no possibility of making money with the copied videos.

You may have seen several channels on YouTube that upload videos that content for other media collections. Such as loaded videos containing content from news channels such as Fox News, ABC, MSNBC, ESPN etc. You can not make money with these videos due to a copyright infringement.

Similarly, you can not load movie clips or songs and expect to earn money with them.

You can only earn money if the videos are original and created by you.


How does Google Pay You: Clicks or Visits?

According to Google, you can earn revenues in the following ways

  • Ads displayed through AdSense auction
  • The ads sold are based on booking via DoubleClick and other YouTube sources.
  • Transactions on YouTube Rental.

For a #common-video #blogger who joined YouTube, you can earn money based on the views your video receives.

They generally pay you 1 percent or less for that point view. Then if you get millions for a particular video then you can do this video anywhere from $ 3,000 to $ 4,000.

In this way, you can begin to focus on creating good videos and reaching the scenes.



How much can you earn from the YouTube Partner Program?

As I said before, you get to 1/3 to 1 cent for a view. If your views 1,000,000 ideas x .0033 = $3300 for a video.

Similarly, if you earn more in video, you can get over $ 10,000. However, you can be very popular and create some amazing videos.

For me, not only is but also fame for the money you get. even if you do not make enough money. but if you are famous, you can get notice like other popular networks like MTV and the mainstream media.

If you reach your audience, then usually goes like this, you have to focus attention to make videos that go out the rest.

Tips to Increase Your Profits with the YouTube Partner Program

Some tips to maximize YouTube’s profits.

1. Video quality:

Do not forget the best editing software and recording the camera to use.

2. Choose the topic Create new content:

Every video must be inspired by some things around you and can easily be transmitted to the public.

3. Humor in video:

Making your video humorous should not be dull. Get inspired by some famous sitcoms.

4. Video title and description:

Create a very attractive title and write a #description that can correct for the video.

5. Add video responses and annotations:

Video responses and annotations should be included.

6. Follow-up video:

Always stay with these people who answer the questions posed in the comments section.

7. Choose different ad formats:

You should experiment with different #ad-formats.

Try creating videos and uploading them to a controversial topic as soon as possible. If the video gets viral then you get more ideas and get more money.

Some Successful YouTube Channels:

You can now get inspiration in some of the most successful YouTube channels. The creators of these channels create original videos of over 1 million subscribers and millions of dollars each year.

  • Smosh – They started in the year 2006 with over 13 million subscribers.
  • Ray William Johnson – Started in 2007 with 11 million subscribers.
  • PewDiePie – Started in year 2010 with over 6 million subscribers.
  • Fred – It started in year 2009 with 2 to 3 million subscribers.